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About Calvin Hamreus:

Practicing architecture and planning for over thirty years in the Portland Metro area, Calvin Hamreus Architect's office is currently located in historic downtown Beaverton where he specializes in residential and commercial projects.

Calvin has been featured in numerous newspaper and architecture trade and home magazine articles. These articles showcase his innovative design style and keen eye for breathtaking remodels and renovation projects.

Calvin has been an active member of many local committees and commissions which have helped in the surrounding community's expansion. His design concept of accessible living raised the bar for how disabled people could have a living space that works, rather than hinders them.

Having a great passion for golf has helped lead Calvin in the direction of golf course buildings' design as well as the developments that surround the course areas.

Calvin has always practiced the art mediums of photography, drawing and sculpture inspiring him to open up a gallery of his own work within his office location.

Prior to opening his own firm, Calvin worked for award-winning architecture firms, for example, Will Martin (Pioneer Square), WZGF. Skimore owings & merril. In 1979 he opened his own firm. Calvin has established himself as a respected architect and community advisor in the historic area of Beaverton, OR.

 Community Involvement:

  • City of Beaverton Planning Commission
  • Co-founder Beaverton Farmers Market; Chair for Central Beaverton Neighborhood Association
  • Chair of Beaverton Downtown Association; Chair of Chamber of Commerce Downtown Task Force
  • Light Rail Transit Advisory Committee
  • Citizen Advisory Committee for Urban Renewal Project


Cal Hamreus Architect 12578 S.W. Broadway. Beaverton Or. 97005 503.644.0299